Axure Widget Library & Templates

Compatibility: Axure RP 10Axure RP 9

Free and Premium Axure Widget Library

The Axure Market consists of a premium and free Axure widget library for Axure that can help you prototype faster. All the Axure templates and Axure widget libraries are crafted by professionals. Find one that suits your needs, drag and drop it into your project, and expedite your prototyping project.

We offer the best Axure widget library and Axure templates on the web, so you can easily create wireframes for your projects. Get access to them from Axure market and start designing lightning-fast. All the Axure widget libraries and Axure templates we’ve in our market are Axure 9 and Axure 10 compatible.

Get the Axure widget library & Axure template for a one time fee and get lifetime free update. We’ve special discount on the all in one bundle that consists of amazing Axure widget libraries and Axure templates in one package.

Drag and drop the dynamic Axure bar chart widgets and pie chart widgets, change the value in the settings and you are done.

Semantic UI Axure Widget Library

This library consists of a majority of the widget components from the Semantic UI. Create amazing Semantic UI-based prototypes in Axure.

bootstrap 5 axure widget library

Comprehensive and extensive bootstrap 5 widget library that can be used to create bootstrap based wireframes quickly and without much effort.

semi functional Axure eCommerce Template

Advanced eCommerce library for Axure RP which consists of mega menu, header, products, filters, product detail, and checkout widgets.

Mobile Wireframe Widget Library for Axure

This mobile wireframe kit consists of complete sign-in/sign up pages, feed, timeline, profile, chat, camera, photos, and terms pages.

This library consists of simple and elegant mobile calendar widgets for day view, week view, calendar view, preferences with light and dark themes.

Precisely designed simple and basic calendar widget library which consists of dynamic elements and repeater for day view, week view and month view.

Comprehensive and extensive bootstrap dashboard widget library that can be used to create bootstrap-based dashboard prototypes quickly.

Axure Login Forms Widget Library

Simple, easy-to-use, and fully customizable login forms that you can use for web and mobile prototyping. Precisely crafted with Axure native widgets.

Axure banner widget library

Get the awesome banner designs for your web prototyping in this widget library. Well-crafted & Precisely designed banners.

Pricing Table Axure Widget Library

Drag and drop the comprehensive landing page widgets to create beautiful and amazing landing page wireframes in just a few minutes.

Axure Team Widget Library

Comprehensive and beautifully crafted team designs for your web prototype. You can just drag and drop the team designs and create prototypes quickly.

iPhone frame axure widget library

Simple and mannerly crafted beautiful iPhone frame Axure widget library by Axure market is available for free. Grab it soon.

Axure Testimonial widget library

Get awesome testimonials for your Axure RP projects with this beautifully crafted Axure testimonial widget library by Axure Market.

Axure Feature Widget Library

Add awesome feature designs for your products quickly by just dragging the widgets from this Axure Feature widget library to your Axure Canvas.

Pricing Slider Axure Widget Library

Four beautifully crafted mobile compatible sliders that can be used for cost calculation or service selection. You just need to drag and drop.

semi functional Axure eCommerce Template

This Axure eCommerce template is semi-functional and allows the user to navigate through items, add them to cart, and checkout.

Password checker axure widget library

This is a simple template that has inbuilt logic to validate the password to check special characters, Uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.

Axure dynamic fields widget library

Fully Dynamic Axure dynamic table widget library by Axure Market. Precisely crafted with Axure native widgets. Just update the value in repeater and you are done.

food delivery axure widget library

Complete wireframe for food delivery app designed with native Axure widgets. You can just use the template, customize the color and share the food delivery app.

Axure flowchart widget library

Create amazing flow charts with the help of Axure Market’s Flow chart widget library. Easily customizable widgets will give you the flexibility that you may need.

Font Awesome 6 Axure Widget Library

Font Awesome 6 Axure widget library is now available in Axure Market. Download the library and create an amazing prototype with great Font Awesome icons.

Drag and drop the comprehensive landing page widgets to create beautiful and amazing landing page wireframes in just a few minutes.

This library consists of a majority of the Kendo UI elements. Now you can create Kendo UI-based wireframes and prototypes with simple drag and drop.

Axure Market – All In One Bundle

Axure Market - All Axure Libraries and Templates

All the Axure widget libraries and templates, Axure Market has created just for you in one bundle. Buy this bundle and save more than $195. This All in one Axure bundle consists of all the Axure widget libraries and Axure templates that you can see on our Market. You will get all of our future Axure widget libraries for free.

You’ll Receive the Following

  • Axure Simple Calendar

  • Axure Landing Page Builder

  • Bootstrap 5 Axure Widget Library

  • Axure Mobile Calendar Kit

  • Axure eCommerce Library

  • + All we’ll create in the future

  • Axure Pricing Slider

  • Password Validator Axure Template

  • Axure 9 Semi functional eCommerce template

  • Axure blog template

  • Axure template for task and message

  • Please check our upcoming releases.