Case Study: How a product manager leveraged Axure RP to manage product scope

Story of a Product Manager

Mohan, an experienced Product Manager, was tasked with leading the development of a new mobile application for a financial services company. The project had an ambitious scope, encompassing various exceptional features like account management, transaction history, budget tracking, and a tailor-made financial advisory tool. As the product progressed, Mohan faced the challenge of keeping the development team focused and delivering the desired features as planned in the project’s scope.


Mohan faced a daunting task of ensuring that the development team, stakeholders, and himself all had a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope. As the project progressed, there was a potential risk of scope creep, which could lead to the development of unwanted interfaces and features. Those incidents, in addition, had the potential to cause project delays and complicate its overall complexity.


To address this challenge, Mohan decided to leverage Axure RP, a powerful prototyping tool, to visually represent the application’s features and interactions. He utilized Axure RP to develop highly accurate wireframes and prototypes, showcasing the user flows, features, and interface elements of the application in exquisite detail. Axure RP excels at creating dynamic and effective prototypes. It helped Mohan meet the customer’s expectations and stay within the scope of the product.

Let’s explore how Mohan began harnessing the power of Axure RP

Outcome after using Axure RP

Mohan successfully overcame the challenge of project scope management by skillfully utilizing Axure RP to craft captivating interactive wireframes and prototypes. The tool empowered him to:

In conclusion, Axure RP played a pivotal role in helping Mohan, the Product Manager, maintain project scope by providing a tangible and interactive representation of the application’s features. This case study demonstrates how leveraging prototyping tools can contribute to effective scope management and project success.

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