What is Axure RP?

In short, Axure is a prototyping tool that provides a drag-and-drop interface to building prototypes. Axure is an interactive prototyping tool that enables the users to create robust prototypes that can be used to validate the user experience of the design. Axure provides a library of pre-built widgets that can be used to prototype any type of design, including a website, mobile app, desktop application, etc.

What is an Axure widget library?

The Axure widget library offers different functionalities to help you build wireframes and prototypes faster. With the help of the Axure widget library, you can expedite your prototyping and wireframing work in Axure RP. There are various free and premium Axure widget libraries to choose from in the market. You can pick whichever one you feel will be most helpful for your work.

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How to create an Axure widget library?

Creating a widget library in Axure is an easy way to ensure that all of your widgets are organized in one place. Widgets are specially designed files stored on the Axure RP file.

To create a new library, go to File → New Library and add the widgets you want. Name it and save it.

Alternatively, you should save your widgets as a .rp file and then import it into a new Axure instance by going to File → New Library and importing the RP file that you’ve created before. This is the simplest way to create a custom Axure widget library.

When should we use a library instead of creating one from scratch?

Usually, Axure widget libraries are used to expedite the project work and if you find some libraries that are already available in the market, it’s always best to get them and use them. This will save a huge amount of your time and you can complete the project faster.

But if you have the time and there are similar reusable components in your projects, then you should create your very own Axure widget library and use that throughout the project. If you need extra widget libraries but don’t have time for it, you may contact Axure Market and the team for professional services.

Axure Widget Libraries in Axure Market

Axure Market is a store for the best Axure Widget Libraries and Axure Templates. Through Axure Market, you can find beautifully designed widgets & templates that’ll be perfect for any wireframe or prototyping needs. All of the Axure widgets you find on Axure Market are compatible with both Axure RP 9 and 10. If a widget does not support a specific version, make sure to look closely for this information in the product description!

As we are writing this blog, there are more than 20 easily customizable Axure widget libraries with 1000+ beautiful widgets. Axure Market has other libraries to facilitate other aspects of the project. For example, Bootstrap 5 includes Bootstrap 5 Axure Widget Library, Bootstrap 5 Dashboard Library, Dynamic Widgets, Dynamic charts, and many more.

All the Axure libraries and templates that are available on Axure Market are created by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in Axure. Visit Axure Market to check out all the Axure widget Libraries and Axure templates


If you have a suggestion on which Axure widget library should the Axure Market team create next, please don’t hesitate to let us know. They come up with new ideas at a very fast pace and are great at responding.

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Axure Market is an Axure widget library store where you can purchase premium and free Axure widget libraries and Axure templates. All the Axure widget libraries and Axure templates are curated by professionals with more than a decade of experience in Axure.

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